Pictures from 2015-16 Build Season

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Day 2

The team started to discuss what the robot should do. Some of the mentors started prototyping the mechanisms for picking up the ball and shooting.  The students were told to go home and continue to reread the rules.

Day 1

On January 9, 2016, the team learned the game for this season, many students and mentors were overwhelmed by the number of things a robot will have to do, but they are excited for the new challenges that they will face. The team started to read the rules to get a full understanding of the game. Students were split up into groups and given a section of the rules and present that in front of the team. The mentors and some of the veteran team members started to build the game pieces and do inventory of the kit of parts. Students were to reread the game manual multiple times over the weekend so that they are prepared to debate on what they robot should do.

Kick Off

On January 9th, 2016, Teams learned the game for the 2016 season. The game Stronghold is FRC’s first themed game. Teams have to overcome different defenses, score boulders, challenging the tower, and scaling the tower. To get the complete rules of the game please visit To see the game animation please visit